Finance & Leasing

Attractive conditions to help you get your dream car.

The only thing you can't afford about a Mercedes is to deny yourself one.

Fancy owning a Mercedes? Without paying for it all at once? Then why not pay it off in manageable monthly instalments? Until it's finally all yours.

Discover the financing products that are perfectly tailored to your needs.


Finance your new vehicle at an agreed fixed interest rate with low monthly instalments.

Hire Purchase Balloon

Hire Purchase Balloon is a versatile financing option to maintain lower monthly instalments and be flexible in your repayment methods at the end of the agreement. You will pay equal monthly instalments and a pre-determined Balloon (Lump sum) at the end of the agreement.

Hire Purchase FlexiPay

Hire Purchase FlexiPay is designed for those with seasonal cash flows. You can structure your loan tenure with up to five years and 80 % financing.